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2D/3D CNC wire forming

Using our modern machine pool of various CNC machines, we bend 2D and complex 3D wire components of 0.8 to 16 mm. We bend steel up to 16.0 mm and stainless steel up to 14.0 mm.

Extensive machine pool

For most batch sizes, we do this using our freely programmable CNC bending machines. We have a very extensive and deep assortment of these machines, which means we can efficiently bend any product. This can often already be done with standard tools, which keeps the costs low.

Extra treatments in a single procedure

Most freely programmable CNC bending machines are equipped with various options to fully automatically subject the product to extra treatments in a single procedure. Take, for example, pressing jobs and the application of screw thread, sloped sides or a round head.

Multi-slide machines

For specific products, we have multi-slide machines. These are machines used for large batches, and are often equipped with expensive moulds. Depending on the volume and the type of product, this could be an interesting option.

Various material types and compositions

We offer wire processing services in many different material types and compositions. The most important metal and steel types for wire processing are steel, galvanised steel and stainless steel, either with normal hardness or spring steel. We also have aluminium of various diameters in stock.

2D/3D CNC wire forming

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