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MIG/TIG welding

We have our own welding department that provides manual welding services. This is ideal for clients who want a complete product or welded semi-manufactured product, but were not helped by the solutions offered by our spot welding department.


We have modern MIG welding devices featuring double pulse. These offer the benefits of lower heat requirement, optimum combustion, and spatter prevention.


For TIG welding, we have the latest RTT technology at our disposal. This combines the speed of MIG and the accuracy of TIG. The combination of 20,000Hz technology, the very pure arc and speed pulse allows for narrow, clean welds with lower heat input. This eliminates the need for a finishing process with surface treatment.

In our own tool shop, we also develop and produce welding moulds. These are used to perfectly position the various components that are welded together.

MIG/TIG welding

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