Our people

Our employees are the root of our success. That is why it is important to have the right people in the right place. In order to achieve this, we invest in the knowledge and skills of our people. They regularly follow internal and external trainings and courses in order to further develop themselves. Now and in the future.

Sharing knowledge

New employees are heavily supervised. Sharing knowledge plays an important role in this process. Our highly experienced craftsmen share their knowledge with new colleagues in various ways. That is why WDP Draadbewerking BV always has room for an intern at secondary vocational education or regional training centre level (mechanical engineering / mechatronics). The internship takes place in the Production wire components, Production finishing and assemblies and in the technical service departments.

Bjorn Jansen (CNC programmer)

Getting down to business, that's what Bjorn is all about. That is why he and WDP Draadbewerking are a perfect match. We like taking that extra step, within a pleasant, collegial atmosphere.

"The nice thing about this job is that it always continues to be challenging. Especially when other companies cannot realise a design, and we can. That is amazing. I love working hard, and so does everyone else here. The same goes for thinking in solutions. 'I can't' is not a phrase we know."

Carla Ubben (Office manager)

Carla is one of the leading ladies of our office. She makes sure everything runs smoothly and is Marieke's biggest help.

"I am responsible for everything that happens at the office: office policy, administration, documentation and management support, for example. It's very varied work, which makes it so much fun. Our company is characterised by short lines: we can effortlessly do one another's job at the office if we have to; that's how closely we work together. On top of that, you can learn a lot here. No door will remain closed as long as you show commitment."

Hanita Swinkels (Administrative assistant)

Hanita is the administrative powerhouse of our company. She is very modest about her job, even though a lot of things would go wrong without her.

"What I do? All kinds of things, really. I check the work orders to ensure that e.g. the invoice address and the stated numbers are correct. Apart from that, I keep the time registration up to date and make sure the canteen is well-stocked. That's just a few things; I do a lot more than that. That variation is what makes the job so very enjoyable. And so does the atmosphere. It's very pleasant to work here."

Jelle van den Elzen (CNC programmer and work planner)

Jelle is a jack-of-all-trades. He is a master programmer, and his activities as a work planner guide our projects in the right direction.

"I see our work process from two sides: from the office and from the workplace. This has its benefits. I know how orders are handled in the workplace, and I translate that to the work planning. I definitely want to continue programming, because this continues to be a fun and challenging job. We have a great team here, with a single motivation: doing a good job and helping each other get better."

Jetho Froom (Mechatronics operator)

A mechatronics operator that can also weld. That's our Jetho. Highly versatile in the workplace and a hard worker.

"Based on a product plan, I assemble the machines. I supply the right wire and configure all the tools. This involves a lot of tinkering with machines, and I love that. I have a fun and creative job; the hours simply fly by. For example, I also weld if something has to be fixed, or if they need a little more manpower at the product finishing department."

Mark Huijbers (Designer and work planner)

Mark joined us for a Saturday job. Back then, according to himself, he could barely do anything. By now, he is our most experienced designer and work planner.

"I design the products or ideas of clients, especially in case of specialised work for the industrial sector. Afterwards, I draw and create the tools the machines need to create the product. The best part of my job? Everything I design and draw is made here as well. In the end, I can physically hold my own design as a product."

Martijn van Orsouw (CNC programmer)

Martijn makes sure our machines make what the client orders. He is not sensitive to stress, and that is a good thing. After all, orders of 20,000 units are not an exception for us.

"Tinkering with machines, programming, welding: my job is incredibly varied. The years I've worked here have simply flown by. That's also because we have a very fun, young team. There's always music in the workplace. The pressure is pleasant, and we all work hard. But there's always time for a chat or a joke in between."

Renske Siroo (Logistics employee and administrative assistant)

Is an order ready? Renske makes sure the products arrive at the client. And of course she makes sure everything that was ordered is actually shipped.

"Shipping is in good hands with me. I check pending orders and go to the workplace to see what's ready and what can be shipped. I then communicate this to the client and the carrier. Getting everything arranged gives me an enormous sense of satisfaction. In addition, I pick up the phone and process all incoming emails. I usually work from the office, but I can regularly be found in the workplace. That's nice, because everyone knows each other."

Willem Delisse (Owner)

In 2006, Willem took over from his parents Wim and Wilhelmien and now forms the management with his wife Marieke. He is all for short lines and an open atmosphere in which the production departments and the office work together closely.

"The strength of our company? It's a sum of flexibility, assisting clients, continuous innovation and always honouring your agreements. And we shouldn't forget the team spirit. We have a great team of people who are there for one another. I myself consider it very important that everything is open for discussion. After all, if employees are not feeling good, this has a negative effect on the working atmosphere and, in turn, the entire company. Thanks to the short lines of communication, everyone is involved in our production process, and that creates a bond. We are frontrunners and we continue to invest: improving machines and automating processes. That way, we can produce more precisely and keep the delivery times as short as possible."

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