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Rolling/cutting screw thread


Our specialty is rolling screw thread directly on the CNC bending machine. We have connected our CNC bending machines to thread rolling machines. This allows us to manufacture the perfect screw thread from M3 to M10 in a matter of seconds, and to bend them into a complex wire product with screw thread in a single procedure afterwards.

Thread rolling is a swarfless process. The screw thread is formed through cold shaping. This way, the screw thread is stronger and smoother than cut screw thread. The high production speed makes this technique highly suitable for batches.

The thread rolling machines can also be used separately. This way, long bars and thread products can be provided with screw thread on both sides.


For cutting screw thread, we have a CNC lathe. We can use this to manufacture any type of screw thread, after which we bend the products using our CNC bending machines.

Cutting screw thread

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